The competition is open to all Hart House Members in good standing, (Students at all levels of study, Senior or Joint Plan members), excluding judges and professional writers, i.e. those who have earned more than $1000 for their writing.

The first-place winners of each category will be published in the Hart House Review print journal. All entrants may also choose to be considered for the Review (please specify on the entry form). The third, second, and first-place winners will be notified by the Literary & Library Committee in February.

All entrants are invited to the Review launch and awards presentation, which will take place in April 2018. The contest winners will be announced at the launch.


  • Be original work, and the property of the author.
  • Be not more than 3000 words in length for prose or 250 lines total for poetry.
  • Include a cover page with the name of the work.
  • Not be previously published.
  • For email submissions: be accompanied by a completed contest entry form (here). The author’s name must appear only on the Entry Form. The author’s submission(s) must not contain any identifying information whatsoever. The submission title must appear in the submission.


Authors must submit to only ONE category (prose or poetry). Authors may submit UP TO THREE works of poetry (250 lines total), and ONE work of prose (3000 words total). Only fiction submissions are considered for the prose category.

In email submissions, please include in your subject line the contest you are submitting to (PROSE or POETRY) and the title of the work. These can be sent to:, attached as a .DOC or .DOCX file (not .PDF), containing an entry form and cover page. Please indicate interest in being considered for the Hart House Review in addition to the contest.

If you would like your work to be considered for publication in the Hart House Review, submissions to the contest are also accepted via the Hart House Review‘s website. While you may not win the contest, you may still get published!


  • All works must be typed and legible on 8.5 x 11 page.
  • Prose works must be double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins all around.
  • Poetry works may be single-spaced (no font, size, or margin specifications). ONE poem per page, no matter how small. Longer works may span multiple pages.


Deadline: JANUARY 18, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

The Hart House Literary Contest

  • 1st Prize: $150 & publication in the Review
  • 2nd Prize $100 & publication on the Review‘s website
  • 3rd Prize $50 & publication on the Review‘s website

The Hart House Poetry Contest

  • 1st Prize: $150 & publication in the Review
  • 2nd Prize $100 & publication on the Review‘s website
  • 3rd Prize $50 & publication on the Review‘s website

Inquiries may be directed to

Hart House is located at: 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 3H3


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